Reading is fundamental

There is no such thing as a great ‘dumb’ actor.  The most famous “dumb blonde”, Ms. Marilyn Monroe, was always seen with a book in hand.  And not just any book, but one of the Russians (Tolstoy, Dostoyevskey)!  A good actor knows a little bit about a lot of things.  In this day of realityContinue reading “Reading is fundamental”

Innocence is everything.

Babies are stinky, crying creatures that keep you awake at night and vomit on you – and yet everyone loves them because of their innocence.  Puppies can be peeing, pooping, whining, barking and chewing fiends – but they are cherished because of their innocence. The reason that babies and puppies steal focus is that HumansContinue reading “Innocence is everything.”

What can you do to keep going when you feel like quitting?

I was asked this question days before seeing the gorgeous musical “Billy Elliot” for the second time.  *spoiler alert* In order for Billy to go to ballet school, he needs bus fare for the audition.  Through a series of heart-tugging events, many of the miners in the town chip in to get him there.  ThereContinue reading “What can you do to keep going when you feel like quitting?”

Should an actor study with more than one teacher at a time? (from a question posed to me by ‘Backstage’)

I am heartened by this question. The thought of someone caring about their craft enough to want to work with numerous teachers already lets me know that the actor is not only disciplined, but aware of the motto “knowledge is power”. To have true power as an actor necessitates that you know your craft.

My Sweet Holiday Gift from a Cherished Student (forgive my ego, but I never post testimonials on my website)

Jeffrey,               I would like to start off by saying that I know a letter of gratitude is in some ways very cliché lol, but I still feel that for you,  it is necessary because the things I am going to tell you are things you should be hearing every day, and since IContinue reading “My Sweet Holiday Gift from a Cherished Student (forgive my ego, but I never post testimonials on my website)”

Love vs. Obsession

Obsession? Love. We know in our hearts how differently love and obsession feels. The teenage crush versus the mature relationship. I would say that obsession hurts, while love satisfies; obsession drains, while love feeds. Obsession is toxic, love is healing… etc. Most importantly to my point, however, is that obsession is selfish – needing onlyContinue reading “Love vs. Obsession”