Actors as Trendsetters

One of the reasons actors have so captured the imagination of our time (if you disagree, go to your newsstand and see whose picture is on most magazine covers) is that we are aware of one of the great secrets in life – that emotions are fluid and we can move in and out of them with ease. We know that we can experience feelings fully without owning them and allowing them to take over our lives. We do not define ourselves by our feelings or our roles. I think this is why people are so fascinated with us, and look up to the profession.
Technically, we create the intellectual beliefs, expectations, personal history, etc. for the given circumstances to effect us (with the resultant feelings). When ‘it’s a wrap ’ is yelled, or the curtain comes down, we can move back into our own lives without needing to swallow anti-depressants or plot the death of our enemies. We can even see the illusion of what an enemy is (someone who doesn’t do what we want them to, or behave the way we want them to behave)!
Most ‘civilians’ actually believe that they are their feelings and their opinions. We, as actors, see that our feelings and opinions can change from role to role – sometimes even changing us as individuals by expanding our awareness into possibilities that we may not have considered before. We don’t allow ourselves to be boxed in.
If you would like some pointers on how to let go of emotions that you no longer want to carry around, please check out my prior blog on ‘self protection’ at

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I am an actor, acting coach, acting teacher, director, media counselor living in Los Angeles who raises astonishing dogs and can cook anything.

2 thoughts on “Actors as Trendsetters

  1. I agree with you an I think that is why I love my craft. On the otherhand, I have notced I actually have the opposite problem that I am currently working on. That is, I live a very stressful life where my spouse will not allow me to play a character outside of “me” I am only allowed to be characte outside of home. I have children with very limited childcare. It is to the point where I have literally had to put many things on hold with fear I will be too old to ever pick up again. Any suggestions, thoughts, comments, ideas?

    1. Yes! Only you can put yourself in a box. Leave your current role behind, and experiment with a couple of other characters. My guess is that you’re husband will appreciate having a new wife to come home to every few days! Think of all the sister wives he can play with…
      And your children will realize that Mommy is without boundary, giving them the unconscious permission to live outside the box too.
      Strength and Faith.

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