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An athlete, musician, or doctor, would never ask such a question. If acting were such an easy career, wouldn’t everyone want to do it? If you want to be an artist who affects people, then you must prepare your craft. As Stanislavsky said, “Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.” Of course, we can all act passionately and emotionally all by ourselves. But when the stakes are high and tension and self-consciousness creeps in, we need techniques to fall back on in order to soar.


No. A child is electrifying to watch because the focus and concentration, elegance and economy, are all there. So is a cat. As self-consciousness creeps in – so does ego and the desire to ‘perform’. Anyone can be interesting to watch – as long as they’re not conscious of being observed. What can be taught is ways to take the focus off of the self in order to do truthful, organic behavior in imaginary circumstances.

Tension is talent unexpressed. Through practice, you can turn fear into excitement and tension into astonishing behavior. It’s all just energy. Learn to channel it correctly!

It is my belief that each actor has the talent, wisdom, courage, and boldness already inside them. I assist in training the artist to unlock their potential. I have found that as we transform as individuals, so do we transform as artists. As we transform as artists, so do we transform our audience.


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