Jeffrey Marcus Acting Class

Strengthen your acting.
Inspire your audience.

Located in Los Angeles, the hub of the acting world, Jeffrey’s studio is a haven for working actors looking to hone their craft.

Whether acting in an audition, an acting class, acting on a television series or acting in a film – actors have the power to point society to where it’s going and to enlighten the human condition.

As actors, we have that power only when we know what we’re doing. There are no shortcuts to great acting. Acting techniques like ‘cold reading’ and ‘being in the moment’ are simply acting tools, not an acting technique. We help actors find what is powerful about themselves, and provide the audience with a powerful experience.

By training actors to fully develop their imagination, focus and concentration, relaxation, sensory awareness, improvisational skills, character work, and relationship abilities we can flow with more power than we ever thought possible. It is my goal as an acting instructor to guide you through a path that will develop each of these strengths.

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