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19th of May

Be Yourself

“If you have the guts to be yourself, other people will pay your price.” – John Updike

While many in Hollywood would encourage you to be like someone else (i.e. Whose career do you see yourself having? Know your type!, etc.) in order to make their job of marketing you easier, what will truly set you apart from the herd is learning to be more authentically yourself.  I would bet that any actor you currently admire is ‘one of a kind’.  So… how do you be ‘more yourself’?  How do you bring something to the table that is uniquely yours?

If you began to look in your head for the answer, you’re already looking in the wrong place.  Our character is not defined by who we think we are, it is defined by what we do… look to your heart.  Michelle Pfeiffer recently said to me that her teacher, Roy London, would ask her “What would you do?  O.K. Now… what would you REALLY do?”  We are most ourselves when we are involved in what we’re doing and not being self-conscious.  We are much more than our minds can define, allow for something bigger than your ideas allow.

Close your eyes and ask yourself “What would it look like, feel like, sound like for me to bring more of myself to the work”?  Open the portal of possibility; allow and surrender and see how your work changes.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that there is more in store for you  – you’re probably correct.  Trust, get out of the way, and release control (except when driving and operating heavy machinery) – then, you will witness the enormity of your greatness!  Now, more than ever, the world needs your voice to be heard.

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16th of September

Playing the Paradox

The best acting, like life itself, contains paradoxes, or opposites. Look to nature – inhale/exhale, tide in/tide out, day/night, loud/soft, creation/destruction: for every action, there must be an opposite and equal reaction. As most great actors have always known -using opposites infuses our work with surprise and nuance. Even in loving someone, there may be hate for them (because they now have the ability to hurt us). If you observe people in loving relationships, there is usually a little anger/frustration/cruelty popping in from time to time. In a scene where you want someone’s love, if you find a way to infuse the opposite – you will be hitting every note in the scale. Playing a brave character, look for where there may be fear; when playing with cruelty, look for the compassion. Make sure when you choose your action, to notice places in the scene, or story, where you can play the opposite. It allows for the character to be not just in pursuit of his objective, but also in “process” of making decisions about his goals.

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