Be Yourself

“If you have the guts to be yourself, other people will pay your price.” – John Updike While many in Hollywood would encourage you to be like someone else (i.e. Whose career do you see yourself having? Know your type!, etc.) in order to make their job of marketing you easier, what will truly setContinue reading “Be Yourself”

Playing the Paradox

The best acting, like life itself, contains paradoxes, or opposites. Look to nature – inhale/exhale, tide in/tide out, day/night, loud/soft, creation/destruction: for every action, there must be an opposite and equal reaction. As most great actors have always known -using opposites infuses our work with surprise and nuance. Even in loving someone, there may beContinue reading “Playing the Paradox”


While we may talk a lot about our actions (what we’re actively doing) in scenes, the choice that adds the most ‘flavor and spice’ to any event is the obstacles. Obstacles, for our purposes, are the challenges that are keeping us from attaining what we want. In our day to day life, we spend anContinue reading “Obstacles”

Heart Openers

Perfection is a very common trap for any Artist.  I believe that we, as Artists, are born into this world with a clearer sense of perfection from the ‘other side’, and spend our lives trying to re-create that perfection here on earth.  But this plane is imperfect by its very design (except in nature, ofContinue reading “Heart Openers”

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