My Sweet Holiday Gift from a Cherished Student (forgive my ego, but I never post testimonials on my website)



            I would like to start off by saying that I know a letter of gratitude is in some ways very cliché lol, but I still feel that for you,  it is necessary because the things I am going to tell you are things you should be hearing every day, and since I can not tell you every day I want it to be in writing so that you can read it whenever you need to be reminded of the person that you are.


            I know that in my life alone there have not been many people that have believed and pushed me in the ways that you have and do every week. You, Jeffrey, are one of the things I keep in my mind and heart when I feel weak. During those moments of struggle and doubt there is a voice in my head that tells me I cannot give up, because if someone as talented and brilliant as Jeffrey believes in me, then I cannot fail. It’s true that I strive for your approval. I hope you know that this is because you are amongst the few in my life that I will always look up to and cherish, and if I can have someone like you approve of me, then in my own heart, I have succeeded.

            It is a funny thing that we as students step into your home and your studio only to leave, with you, stepping into our hearts. I cannot even fathom the amount of love you give freely every week to not only a few, but ALL of your students. There are thousands of acting coaches and teachers in the city of LA, but there is only ONE Jeffrey Marcus, and anyone who has met you understands how beautiful and unique you are.

            I find it quite astonishing that you have friends, you’ve known for ages,  request to take your classes. This speaks volumes.  People who have known and learned from you for years and years still find the desire to pay money and spend hours of their weeks to just work with you and hear your feedback and knowledge. Famous musicians, successful lawyers, and talented icons sit in YOUR studio with their hearts and ears open just so that they might get a little closer to being as wise, loving, and talented as you are. I cannot imagine how it must feel to be in your position, and to bare your gifts, but I hope that you really do understand what a gift you are sir.


I hope your holidays are bright, and this upcoming year of 2012 is even brighter!


Your student,

Matthew Smith

Published by jeffreymarcus

I am an actor, acting coach, acting teacher, director, media counselor living in Los Angeles who raises astonishing dogs and can cook anything.

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