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6th of January


Tonight, the first night of the winter session (after Christmas break) –an agent and manager are attending my class. Being off for two weeks, I feel like I haven’t gotten my sea legs back yet. I immediately went to: “Why can’t they come next week?” “Why tonight, when not everyone is back from break yet?” “Why me?” Within two beats of a heart, I was able to shift it to – “What a wonderful opportunity for the students to be seen by viable representation!” “What a wonderful gift for me to have another agent know of my work!” “How exciting to start the year off with a bang!” I saw how my opinion of the situation enabled me to go from stress to appreciation, instantaneously. I then thought of how, as actors, when we get that call for an audition we can also go into the… “I don’t have enough time to prepare.”, “This part isn’t right for me.”, “What if I don’t do a good job and my agents find out?”, etc. In that same instant, we can shift it into – “Hooray, I get to act today!” , “What fun it will be to make another fan of a casting director!” or “ I love the challenge of creating something from nothing!”
Our perception is our reality. No one can change that for us. With discipline and mastery over our thoughts, we can change our future. What a powerful realization to bring into 2010.

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