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31st of December


The rest of the world is beginning to catch on to what we, as actors, have always known…it’s not about the “resolutions”, it’s about the “intention”.  If we can set an intention to be, rather then the resolution to do – we tend to manifest what we want (and have a better time in the process).  This year, instead of setting “resolutions” that aren’t followed through; let’s set an “intention” of our soul’s purpose!  Our intentions cannot be stopped by bullets, nations, or Hollywood producers. Our soul’s purpose will not stop for depression or laziness or aging.  It allows us to co-create with something larger than our own petty egos. 


When we set a clear and positive intention we become aware – all things conspire to assist us.  Make your intentions big and bold!  I intend to be courageous, more loving, patient, creative, joyful, committed, disciplined, compassionate, playful, conscious, sober, and healthy.


The world (and our families!) tend to judge us for our actions not our intentions – we are not afforded that luxury as actors.  It’s our job to remain open-hearted.  So never judge your characters by their actions – let your intentions speak louder than words.

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  • Thanks Merlin, that was perfect timing…. Happy New Year Brother

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