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23rd of June

Can Acting Be Taught?

Can acting be taught? No. A child is electrifying to watch because the focus and concentration, elegance and economy, are all there. So is a cat. As self-consciousness creeps in – so does ego and the desire to ‘perform’. Anyone can be interesting to watch – as long as they’re not conscious of being observed. What can be taught is ways to take the focus off of the self in order to do truthful, organic behavior in imaginary circumstances.

Tension is talent unexpressed. Through practice, you can turn fear into excitement and tension in astonishing behavior. It’s all just energy. Learn to channel it correctly!

It is my belief that each actor has the talent, wisdom, courage, and boldness already inside them. I assist in training the artist to unlock their potential. I have found that as we transform as individuals, so do we transform as artists. As we transform as artists, so do we transform our audience.

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16th of June

Giving Yourself Permission

We tend to create things in our life that feel familiar to us.  One of the common things that actors have inside them, as part of their upbringing is the need to be given permission.  If you have ever found yourself with the feeling that you’d love to be a working actor — if only the agents/managers/casting directors/producers/God would let you; then I ask you, “how are you not giving YOURSELF permission to star in your own life”?  There is rarely a good reason to ever wait for permission to do something that your heart desires.  The more you internalize the waiting for permission, the more you’ll find life reflecting it back at you.

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