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9th of September

Accessing the Moment

The way into being present in a scene is through the individual moment. The moment is the actor’s greatest life-saver. Much like life, if you are in the present moment – all things are available to you and there is nothing to fear. One of the most significant differences between improv and scene study is that — in scene study we prepare for the moment. How you behave in the moment is different than how I would behave in the moment; due to our life-histories, experiences, points-of-view, and opinions. In scene study, we create the back story of a person in service to being. A character doesn’t necessitate a different accent or walk (although, sometimes it does!), but it does demand that you leap into the imagination of a person that is not you. In improv, we often just operate from the moment without any depth of values. It can be the difference between a snapshot from a disposable camera and the richness of a professional photo. We create the values of where to bring light, and what remains in shadow. We create what is focused on, and what is in the background. We decide whether to use color, or allow for black and white. When a character is created out of our fertile imaginations, we bring the magic of art to it. When we create out of our imaginations, we invite Spirit’s assistance. We end up with the gravitas of artistry and leave the pettiness of our mundane lives in the dust. Remember, the reason that we don’t have a camera crew following us around all day is that most of us would need an editor, make-up, hair and lights. And, for most of us, our lives are just not as interesting as our imaginations would allow.

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29th of July

Accessing the Magic

When you’ve done the homework of finding where you and the character meld… When you’ve learned the lines by heart (allowing your heart to speak, rather than your head)… When you’ve figured out where you are (time, space, motion) and what you want from the other actor(s) in the scene…
Then, and only then, are you able to let go. You are able to surrender to the moment and let the universal energy play through you. This creative energy will allow you to fly higher than your simple thoughts could have ever imagined. You will be tapping into the brilliance, not of yourself, but of divine inspiration.
We all have the potential to enter the portal of what the world calls creative genius, but it is not our genius that we are accessing. It is our inherent divine nature at work.

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