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18th of December

Innocence is everything.

ImageBabies are stinky, crying creatures that keep you awake at night and vomit on you – and yet everyone loves them because of their innocence.  Puppies can be peeing, pooping, whining, barking and chewing fiends – but they are cherished because of their innocence. The reason that babies and puppies steal focus is that Humans are naturally drawn to innocence. W.C  Fields said “Never work with animals or children” (and my favorite “I like children – fried”) because he knew that an audience’s eye would always go to the innocence.  Innocence is different from vulnerability in that vulnerability speaks to one’s capacity of being hurt.  Innocence is lack of guile or corruption; purity.  You can be vulnerable and not innocent. When I’m around a baby I’m aware I’m a little closer to the Angels.  Children are not thinking about yesterday or where they’re going from here.  They are fully in the moment. As a result, I think that children and animals are more connected to everything.  When you watch a great actor, even one that you wouldn’t think of as ‘pure’ (such as Marilyn Monroe who in every performance seems to imply that she is ‘have-able’) – there is innocence.  Marilyn is never vulgar or dirty. She bravely helped make female sexuality acceptable  in the 1950’s. It takes great courage to maintain one’s innocence; hence, it is very compelling.  

Guile is when we walk into a room with an agenda – trying to manipulate people into liking or wanting us, trying to shift ‘what is’. If you’re behaving in any way that is not pure and you – then you are corrupting yourself in order to please.   Whether you find yourself doing this with your family, or in an audition – you’re taking yourself away from your truth.

When you see greatness, it tends to have innocence in it. When people are aware there is innocence present – it creates sacredness.  So how do we bring that into our acting?   Start by practicing walking into situations from a place of innocence.  To bring it forth more in yourself, notice it more in the world. Nature is never corrupted.  One of the profound learnings for me about going to Auschwitz was my expectation of it being hell on earth… and it wasn’t.  Grass was growing and birds were singing, trees that had been there since the holocaust were still blooming.  You would never have known the atrocities that took place there.  Nature was present, so there was no longer any corruption .  Man corrupts.  Nature always returns to innocence.

 There is a strong correlation between depth and innocence.  Innocence is noticing what your soul’s intent is… and following it.  Even if it is unpopular.

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3rd of May

What can you do to keep going when you feel like quitting?

I was asked this question days before seeing the gorgeous musical “Billy Elliot” for the second time.  *spoiler alert* In order for Billy to go to ballet school, he needs bus fare for the audition.  Through a series of heart-tugging events, many of the miners in the town chip in to get him there.  There is a moment towards the end, when Billy is alone and scared, in the dark, center stage.  In an inspired piece of staging by the great director Stephen Daldry – all the cap-light wearing miners shine their beams on Billy and illuminate him in more light than he alone can muster.

So many of us are like Billy in that moment.  We carry the light from our families, our friends, and even our ancestors.  Many of us are a long way from home here in LA or NY pursuing our dreams.  Were it not for those who came before us – struggling, fighting, starving and even giving their lives – we would not have the luxury to embark on our journey of acting. 

It also serves us to understand where our fears may be generating from energetically.  Where are those negative tapes that replay in our minds stored?   In my acting class, we work a lot with the energetic system of the chakras through meditation.

We receive inspiration through our “crown chakra”.  We process how to begin the process of bringing our inspiration into physical world reality through our “third eye chakra”.  As the ideas become plans we express them out into the world through our “throat chakra”.  The plans move into our hearts where we engage our passionate love for them in our “heart chakra”.  We personalize and feel our desires in our “solar plexus chakra”.  We move these down into our “sexual chakra” to give birth, create, and add ambition and money earning capabilities.  Finally, in our “root chakra” we begin to “walk our talk” and make manifest.  And that’s how we inhale our dreams.  Our exhale begins to show us where we may be blocking ourselves, thereby exhausting our resources and making us “feel like quitting”.

Our exhale begins at the “root” where we can see if we are “walking our talk” and taking action.  Are we improving our craft every week?  Making sure our representation is aware of our existence?  Keeping our pictures up to date, our bodies, minds and spirit in shape…

Moving up to the “sexual” area, which can not only create and give birth, but also abort an intention.   Are we leaking out ambition?  Not creating the funds necessary to support us as we pursue our dreams?

In the “solar plexus”, are we feeling too much?  Are we filled with fear or self doubt that may cripple us in moving forward?

Has our “heart” shut down for not wanting to experience the feeling of rejection?  Has our heart been broken one too many times?

Is our “throat” too embarrassed to speak to others our intent of acting?  Do we not admit to our friends and associates what we really want, for fear of their judgment, thereby ruling out their ability to assist us?

Have we ceased engaging our “third eye”, our unconscious in being intuitive and trusting our impulses.

And finally, have we forgotten that it is our “crown”, our ability to co-create with Spirit that moves us forward in ways that we never would have anticipated on our own.  When we co-create, we are tapping into the universal energy of the miraculous.

More than ever before in the history of civilization, actors have a spotlight and microphone thrust in front of them.  When, God-willling, it happens to you… what do you want to say?

Even successfully working actors can get lost in fear when there is no script to support them.  I am often called in to assist young stars in “media training”.  I don’t give them sound bites, or warn them what “not-to-say”.  I inspire them to find out what speaks to their hearts, and encourage them to remember that message when they have to get up at 4 AM for hair and make up to appear on the morning show in Albuquerque.   If there is a chance to talk about rescue animals, body image, teen-pregnancy, bullying – their ministry can inspire them to show up more fully present and with a message! George Clooney raises awareness of Darfur, Matt Damon raises money for ONE campaign, Angelina Jolie makes third-world adoption seem doable.  All these actors use their celebrity to make the world a little better.  What will you shine your cap-light on?  When you succeed as an actor, will it all be worthwhile if you haven’t left the world a little better for your efforts?  Wealth and fame are empty motivators and will exhaust you long before being of service to others.



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