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After attending Carnegie Mellon University, Jeffrey Marcus moved to New York to be an actor, To further his craft, he studied the teachings of Stanislavsky, Strasberg, Meisner, Hagen, and Adler. His most powerful influence was Mira Rostova – mentor to Montgomery Clift and Geraldine Page. Most recently, he completed a Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology in 2006, bringing a new ease and depth to the work.

In 1989, Mr. Marcus moved to Los Angeles to act as a series regular on “Alien Nation”. A number of actors that he coached in New York put together a class for him and he’s been joyfully teaching ever since. His work as a teacher has been profiled on the E! Network, CBS, and Oxygen. Clients currently consist of series regulars on major networks, leads in feature films, and beginning students. In addition to the classes, he coaches privately and on set.

As an actor, he appeared in feature films, on television (series and MOWs), on and off-Broadway and in regional theaters. He has directed a number of plays in Los Angeles including “LA Weekly”, “Backstage West”, and “Ovation” award winners.



A narrow white door. A path bounded by succulent plants. A small, intimate, studio space. This is the beginning of every actor’s experience in Jeffrey’s class. His garden patio and serene backyard provide the backdrop for a nurturing and healing space where the actor can learn how to inspire and excite others through their work.
 You will not see testimonials or the names of my more ‘famous’ clients on this website. Many casting directors, producers, and executives of Fortune 500 entertainment companies use my services. I will not drop names, and I respect my clients’ privacy.

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